Chat Room Rules

  1. Do not use foul language! Keep the chat as PG appropriate as possible!
  2. Do not spam the chat room. Any unnecessary response and statements
    can be used against you and removed. Spamming can lead to permanent bans from
    forum and chat room, so please refrain.
  3. Do not flame others! Be courteous; just because you can't like everyone doesn't give you an excuse.
  4. Use common sense! Linking to inappropriate material is not tolerated. Giving moderators hell
    is not appreciated.

Forum Rules

Written by Bravery, a former moderator of CB

  1. No insults or flaming.
    These include, but are not limited to:
    - Direct insults
    - Sexual harassment
    - Threats
    - Provoking others
    - Put-downs

    - Insults towards family, race, religion, etc.

  2. Disruptive posting
    Disruptive posting can mean anything from useless posts,
    to things that are downright annoying. These are all considered spam,
    and if a member does one of these things, with or without intention,
    the proper action will be taken.
    There are many examples of this, that include but aren't limited to:
    - Double, triple, quadruple, etc. posting.
    - Posting advertisements, especially those with explicit content.
    - Adding irrelevant (off-topic) posts. Post in the right area please.
    - Posting useless topics on purpose.
    - Posts such as "oooooooooommmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg" or anything similar that are very
    annoying and almost always pointless.
    - Posting anything that is intentionally hard to read. This could include
    trying to write with special characters or numbers, alternating caps, and others.
    - Posting just to get your post count higher.
    - Posting a topic identical or almost identical to another.

    - Bumping for no reason.

  3. Language
    There are some younger members, so please respect them and watch your mouth.
    - Don't "censor" your cuss words. Just because you have an asterisk (*)
    in between doesn't make it appropriate. Just don't use the word at all.
    - No racial slurs. This falls under bad language, and even though
    it may not seem offensive to you, it can be to other players.
    This doesn't necessarily mean straight up saying a racist word,
    it could be any sentence directly or indirectly insulting a certain race.
    (eg. stop acting like a ........ )
    The same goes for racial slurs, don't censor, just don't say it!

    - No sexual references.

  4. References to illegal activities or illegal substances
    A couple of examples would be:
    - Drug/alcohol references
    - Illegal downloading or copying.

    - Posting anything attempting to get others to violate the law.

  5. Impersonation

    DO NOT (and I mean it) pretend to be someone you are not. If you are caught doing this, it will result in a ban.

  6. Unauthorized access, exploits, trying to "beat the system"
    - Finding and taking advantage of loopholes.
    - Trying to access an account that isn't yours without permission.
    Seriously, don't even think about getting past our system by hacking
    because once you do, you will be ip-banned.
    As a friendly community, we try to avoid this situation,
    but we WILL take actions if you hack into our system.

    Zero toleration..

  7. Mini-Modding
    Mini-modding is when someone who isn't a mod acts like one.
    Basically it's a fellow member of the community, who tries to get involved with a situation
    and actually helps out the mod.
    There is a lot of confusion between what a mini-mod posts and what non-mini mod posts.
    This is what I consider to be the difference:
    NOT a mini-mod:
    "Could you please stop spamming up the topic, it's getting annoying"
    A mini-mod:

    "Enough spamming or you will be banned"