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    Canadian Bacon Daycare

    Post  CB_DAYCARE on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:45 pm

    CaNaDiAn_BaCoN DaYcArE

    Update:] With the new updates to the server such as levels and experience, our daycarers may now want to charge a little more for their service. Please make all offers for daycare payment reflect this change (offer our guys a little more) Smile

    Hi ! We are just putting out this thread to remind everyone about CB_DAYCARE! We have been around for awhile now although we usually just advertise on our very own "Poke-Farm" website.
    Many of you have used us before, many of you have yet to experience our wonderful service!

    Our service is fast, courtious and efficient. We only daycare 1 pokemon per account at all times. We daycare your pokes on accounts that have had time for most of the NPC's to reset so that we can get experience much faster! You DO NOT have to worry about losing your pokes from account banning as we do not allow speed-hacking daycare...any of our daycarers caught doing so will be let go! If anything happens to your pokes, our policy is to replace your pokemon with another of the same type, or of equal value! Wink

    *Special this month*
    Don't want to use your shiny, HR or UC that you already own as a payment for daycare?
    You can get daycare(any lvl-any lvl)for tokens or a membership! Normally a daycare cost you at least a 4 token UC so this is another way to get daycare ! (Token charge based on number of levels needed, lower levels cost less, upper levels cost a little more because of time consumption.

    If you wish to have something daycared you may leave a post on this thread with the following info...

    Poke to be daycared:
    Levels to daycare:(ie:5-100)
    Pokemon's best move that it now has:(your pokes best /strongest atk)
    Your payment offer:(pokemon or cash offers accepted within reason...if we don't accept your 1st offer we are willing to haggle you know!) Razz
    Contact info:(ie:PM's on this site, your e-mail, an 'in game' account to look for....etc)

    **As you know, some pokes are harder to train than others(because of weak attacks or a weak defense) so you should make your payment offers accordingly** <_<

    You may also contact our daycarers 'in game' to talk about using our service or discuss costs. The 4 main accounts you should look for to talk to 'in game' are...


    myself or one of my guild members will be working these so you know you will be getting quality CaNaDiAn_BaCoN service! Razz
    *These are all trusted daycarers as Endorsed by MOD Midnightmurph.

    *Please take our poll so that we can work to serve you better!* Smile

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