Daycare Trainer Acceptance Form


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    Daycare Trainer Acceptance Form

    Post  plasmis29ml8 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:41 pm

    If you want to become a Daycare Trainer, you must submit your form to CB_Daycare (Midnightmurph) through private messaging. Please follow the format below in order to complete your acceptance form:

    Your Name:
    How long have you played PWO:
    The time/days that you are available:
    Level Requirements:
    (The most preferred levels you will train. You may leave this blank.)
    Additional Information: (So we can better understand you.)

    Once you're accepted as a Daycare Trainer, you may advertise on the forum about your services and requirements. Remember: No speed-hacking or any of those related hacks to acquire faster services. If we spot you red-handed, you will suffer the consequences that may lead to an ipban, so please be safe.


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