Minor updates!


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    Minor updates!

    Post  plasmis29ml8 on Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:56 pm

    Welcome to another section of updates!
    This time I'll be talking about some minor updates.
    These updates include the request for daycare services and farm adoptions.
    Before I added the Daycare Center page, the only way people can request for adoptions and donations is through PM'ing Stardust.
    This means that people, who wants to adopt pokemon, will have to register on the forum first before sending a private message, which is not a good way to adopt.
    (Half of the forum members are not in our guild, which doesn't really help out since they're mostly inactive.)

    Anyways, recently I changed the way people request for adoptions and daycare services through the use of emailing them.
    I find this method more convenient and efficient because people won't have to worry about registering when it comes to requests.
    Here's what I basically did:

    1. Changed the request for donation and adoption to email form.
    2. Added the request for Daycare Services to email form.

    I also changed the confirmation email to become disabled, so people don't have to go through all the hassle to register and be verified.
    That's all of the updates for now and I'll see you later!


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