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    Post  sgtbadmouth on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:43 am

    a way to tell if someone is in game or not... that way you dont have to ask
    ^ for that also have that persons location in the game

    (you might have this already) a thing that tells you if the pwo server is up or down

    a list of pokemon that members want so people (me) can go and find them when bored

    a topic or place on the forum for stuff not related to pwo

    a daily give away or award for most active member (can be something else like most helpful person)

    i would also like a mod for the night shift cause i get lonely when i stay up

    as another note i would like an alarm clock because some ppl dont know how to spam chat

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    Yes Evening MOD for chat

    Post  LeBrun72 on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:53 pm

    SGT is right, we are like the last few two always leave the chat.
    And Plas, i am totally up for that if you feel the need for a night watch lol.
    But seriously i think its a good idea and i am throwing it out there that i would uphold the evening shift... where do i apply lol

    Also i would like to see the +/- rep on our post a bit more visible. seems like no one can see it but a few of us. so maybe just make it a little bigger, or more colorfull? anyway. this is all for me..
    ps. u have some good suggestions SGT. Very Happy


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